The Ups and Downs of Betting: Insights into Positive and Negative Progressions
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The Ups and Downs of Betting: Insights into Positive and Negative Progressions

We will assume that almost all casino players have a betting strategy, even those who simply throw their money at random, hoping for some blind luck from the non-existent gods and goddesses of such luck. That is a system, albeit an uninformed one. Unfortunately, those divine beings of luck passed away a long time ago and left many Positive and Negative Progressions. They included the Greek and Roman civilizations, whose citizens hoped there was more to life than the mundane existence they lived every day.

The majority of other players will use some aspect of a specific method or a combination of methods. They, too, most likely believe that these methods will result in long-term success rather than just good luck tonight. Hope is eternal. Players want their hopes to be realized. Some players still don’t understand how casinos gain an advantage over these hopeful players, and they believe that everything is luck, which can (at times) be counted on.

Positive Progressions: The Paroli

Many players are not simply satisfied with a win, especially if it is minor or, worse, trivial. They want to go up and up, possibly even higher. The most common method for going up and up is to increase one’s bet after a win. This is referred to as positive progression because it puts the player ahead.

The classic system for doing this is known as the Paroli Betting System or Paroli. It is more commonly known as the parlay method of wagering, in which the player doubles his or her bet three times before returning to the original bet. Thus, bet $25, win, bet $50, win, bet $100, win, then return to $25 and repeat the process.

The parlay can continue for more steps or end at the usual three, and the player will remain at his or her original bet until he or she decides to parlay again. The parlay can also cost less money. The player could increase or decrease his or her original bet by, say, $10 or $15. You can visit Starpunter for a positive and safe betting system.

The Anti-Parlay

Yes, there is such a thing as the Anti-Parlay, in which a player increases his or her bet after a win (or two) and then reduces it below the original bet. Some roulette players prefer to do this after a quick win to stay in the game longer when the inevitable losing streak occurs. Savvy roulette players understand that long losing streaks can occur when they only place one or two bets directly on a number or two. They see the anti-parlay as a safety measure.

The Spread the Wealth Paroli

Some blackjack and Pai Gow Poker players enjoy playing multiple hands, believing that this technique increases their chances of winning. This is known as the Spread the Wealth Paroli. The assumption is that the more bets, the greater the chance of beating the house and winning money. So, does it do what the players think it does? Yes, it can occasionally win the player money, possibly a large sum of money. Hot streaks can appear on both hands, three (or more!) hands. That’s good news. But…

The Bad News Folks

The bad news is that the house edge is calculated using all of the money wagered. It doesn’t matter if you only bet one bet or multiple bets; the casino will extract its percentage over time.

Of course, one can wonder what that time is.

Some players can quickly fall into a hole and never see the light of day or the bright lights of the casinos due to the fog of losing bing-bam-boom. All Paroli systems are (are you ready for this?) losers. Betting styles cannot overcome the house edge. All Paroli betting strategies rely on initial positive results. The player wants to increase his or her winnings and begins moving the bets upward. This will ultimately result in losses or reduced wins. Let this be a warning to you. Although I believe you already know this.

Negative Progression Systems

Some betting systems are designed to help you recover from past losses. I wish I could say these negative progressions worked, but they don’t. Even so, if the amounts wagered are reasonable for a player’s bankroll, they may be enjoyable to play for a short period. That statement applies equally to positive progressive systems. The Martingale is the most well-known negative progression system, named after a person whose history has been forgotten but whose system has survived and may continue to do so throughout the ages.

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